Faculty Members

Anish Shrestha

Associate Professor, Dept. of Software Technology

Jennifer Ureta

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Software Technology (on leave, currently at WEHI Papenfuss Lab)

Roger Luis Uy

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Technology

Ann Franchesca Laguna

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Technology

Llewelyn Espiritu

Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology

Angelyn Lao

Professor, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Student Members

Jane C. Wong

MS Computer Science

Paul K. Yu

MS Math

Jose Miguel Leyesa

MS Computer Science

Josef Paolo Manlapaz

MS Computer Science

Mark Edward M. Gonzales

BS-MS Honors Computer Science

Kim W. Lee, Jra.

BS-MS Computer Science

Daphne J. Go

BS-MS Computer Science

Alfonso M. Cruz

BS-MS Computer Science

Luis G. Roxas

BS-MS Computer Science

Jiaan Santos

MS Biology

Therese Ureta

BS Computer Science

Past Members

Franz S. Dizon, completed MS Computer Science, returned to Samsung R&D Philippines.

Phoebe Clare L. Ong, completed BS Computer Science as cum laude, moved to Samsung R&D Philippines.

Kyle Santiago, completed MS Computer Science as ERDT scholar, moved to ING Philippines.

Joyce E. Guiao, completed MS Statistics, moved to private sector.

Crissa A. Lilagan, completed MS Biology, moved to University of Santo Tomas, Manila.