Welcome !

Welcome! This is the home page of the Bioinformatics Lab. We are part of the Advanced Research Institute for Informatics, Computing, and Networking at the De La Salle University Manila.

Modern-day biology is a data-driven field, thanks largely to the advances in high-throughput sequencing technologies. The Bioinformatics Lab brings together faculty members and students interested in deploying the arsenal of computer science and computer engineering to solve problems in computational biology. We work on topics such as:

  • algorithms and software for high-throughput sequencing data analysis,
  • bioinformatics for diseases and epidemics,
  • computer architecture for bioinformatics algorithms.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of our research, we collaborate with a variety of research groups including:

  • the Practical Genomics Lab (CENSER, DLSU),
  • Systems and Computational Biology Unit (CENSER, DLSU),
  • Translational Medicine Unit (CENSER, DLSU)
  • Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences, the University of Tokyo,
  • International Rice Research Institute,
  • National Institute of Health UP Manila,
  • Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center.